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Reduce the time spent monitoring and managing investments.

Focus on the results, while we focus on the process.

Leave it to us to do the tedious work of research, analysis and day to day management of your portfolio.

  • Our team consists of experts in all areas related to tax strategies, estate planning, wills, insurance, philanthropy, succession, wealth transfer, and retirement planning. 
  • We offer a simple and transparent fee payment structure, which encompasses all wealth management solutions.


Grow your financial wealth over time to reach specific financial objectives. We provide full portfolio diversification, all the while respecting your risk tolerance. Regularly rebalancing your portfolio to ensure it stays aligned with your personalized investment policy contributes further comfort that your strategy remains optimal over time. We offer:

  • Comprehensive, integrated solution

  • Diversification through a variety of asset classes, sectors, and regions

  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustments

  • Individual holdings, private pools and ETF, etc


Whether you intend to sell your company or transfer its ownership to a third party when you retire, it is important to have a transition plan in place. Planning this transition is complex but not doing so can have considerable impact on your financial health and that of your loved ones.


Accurately define your objectives and retirement needs, as well as determine the right strategies to execute at opportune times of your life.


To implement a savings strategy that will help you live out the retirement of your dreams, you must evaluate your current assets in relation to your objectives, take into consideration the fiscal consequences of your investments, your succession plan, your income sources and every other factor that can impact your savings ability and your future income.


We offer a full range of services designed to complement our traditional investment solutions. We can advise you on philanthropy, business management, foreign banking, property valuations,  business transfers, and much more.

  • Donations tax optimization

  • In-kind donations

  • Creation of public and private foundations

  • Individual Pension Plans


Another great component of a solid financial plan is estate planning. You have worked hard to build up substantial assets and you want to protect them, and ensure that they are distributed to your heirs according to your wishes. An estate plan will give you the comfort of knowing that your wishes will be respected, and that your estate will be handled in an optimal fashion from a financial and tax perspective.

  •  Asset protection trust

  • Protective supervision plans

  • Trust administration

  • Donations and philanthropy

  • Estate planning

  • Personalized testamentary planning

  • Estate settlement


It is crucial to evaluate your financial security and that of your family to avoid setbacks in the event of death, illness or disability. Nearing retirement, insurance usually becomes a question of financial strategy. Because insurance needs evolve with different life stages, to ensure you have the right coverage, we will refer you to experts who will help define your needs.

Types of Insurance

  • Life insurance (personal or business.

  • Disability insurance

  • Critical illness insurance

  • Long-term care insurance.


Capital gains and investment income are taxed differently depending on the investment product you use. With good planning, you can ensure you choose investment vehicles that reflect your tax situation so that you can grow your wealth more efficiently. Our team of in-house professionals can help you establish solid tax strategies.


We assess each unique client situation and tailor holistic solutions designed to provide clients with peace of mind for today, tomorrow and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a solution for your everyday transactions, your financing needs or any other particular need you may have, we can help.

  • Meetings in the comfort of your home or workplace.

  • Easy and efficient access to your private banker and your account representative to answer questions.

  • High level of expertise.

  • The promise of professional advice

Privacy is also a key benefit and client dealings and services provided remain anonymous. 

  • Our strength lies in identifying the unique situation of our client, educating them about the ups and downs of particular investments, and implementing tailored, holistic solutions.
  • We emphasize full disclosure, transparent pricing and explain in plain language our investment strategies.


  • It is no surprise that many of our relationships span family generations.


and prioritize client's long-term and short-term financial goals


client's current investment and wealth situation


a diversified portfolio, tailored to serve client's unique goals


the extended team of professionals to analyse potential risks and issues


coordinated strategies into the plan

results, research new opportunities and adjust


Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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